Frank Bomani, Payroll Manager at Vodacom

Vodacom Tanzania is using Exact Salaries for their payroll and HR processes since 2002. Frank Bomani, Payroll Manager at Vodacom: “before, we were outsourcing our payroll processing to a third party but now we do it ourselves using Exact software. It gives us more control and we have all the information at our hands.”

Frank was using Exact software at his previous employer as well and the main reason he likes to work with Exact Salaries is that the interface is very user friendly and the support is excellent. “When there is an issue, a technician is ready to assist you immediately and try to solve the issue with TeamViewer. Moreover, if they cannot fix it remotely they will come to your site.”

Also the software is very flexible, he says. “With Exact you can’t go wrong with the government regulations on PAYE. It is very flexible and easy to change any changes in regulations”

Vodacom uses Exact for all their employee records in Tanzania, in total more than 500. Only 3 people are using the system and are responsible for all the salaries in Vodacom Tanzania. This year Exact build a linking module for synchronizing the employee data to the head office in South Africa. Frank: “Previously when the folks in South Africa wanted to know things about the status ofthe Tanzanian staff we had to create and send reports manually, very time consuming. Now they have direct access to our records, saving time and less errors. It even sends a notification when we a new member is added to our staff.”

This brings us to another benefit of working with Exact, as they build their own software they can very easily accommodate new features in the software as per your request. Another example is the option for employees to pay by M-Pesa in Vodacom’s canteen without credit in their account (using an Electronic Funds Transfer). “Exact made a link to their employee record so instead it will be deducted from their next salary. Very useful if you do not carry money at that time. It’s not a standard feature but it has been specifically build for Vodacom by Exact.”

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