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Dec 10

Sanjay C. Patadia, Director Sales & Marketing J.D Pharmacy

Everybody who lives in Dar es Salaam knows JD Pharmacy, the well known pharmacy chain that has several branches spread across the city. In 1990 the company opened their first shop in Kariakoo and now

Nov 20

Henrik Nielsen, Resident Manager Merry Water

    Meet Henrik Nielsen, Resident Manager of Merry Water. Merry Water is the leading provider for water treatment, pumps and generators in Tanzania since 1989. It has 3 different product lin

Sep 25

Frank Bomani, Payroll Manager at Vodacom

Vodacom Tanzania is using Exact Salaries for their payroll and HR processes since 2002. Frank Bomani, Payroll Manager at Vodacom: “before, we were outsourcing our payroll processing to a thir

Apr 29

Water Utilities Information System for EWURA

            In the first quarter of 2014, additional monitoring and reporting facilities were merged into ‘MajIs’, the browser based Water Utilities Informati

Oct 20

7 Useful Features to Manage your Sales with Exact software

  Good that you have staff for your sales. But obviously you need to give them good instructions to unleash their potential. We all know that is not always easy, since you have many items and

Aug 28

Tanzania ranks high in tax burden in East Africa

According to a comparative global study by PWC, Tanzania is not an easy place to do business as far as tax environment is concerned. It ranks 141 in the world (out of 189) for the ease of making paym

Aug 26

Multiple currencies supported by Exact Software

If you work with more than one currency in your organisation, your software should support multiple currencies. In Exact you can define as many currencies as you want and set the internal exchange rat

Aug 13

Our 6 most powerful features in Article Management

If you are using Exact POS and Inventory Management modules you know already that our products combine great functionality together with solid robustness. In a previous article we wrote about the sec

Oct 27

Our latest release is coming soon!

  Very soon, version 8 of our new Vision software will be released. We are very excited about it because it is a major leap forward compared to the current version (7.76). Not only is the new rel

Oct 23

Introducing Stephano, the latest addition to the Exact Team

Meet Stephano Mmari (26), our new Support Technician. We asked him a few questions about himself and his experience so far in Exact.   Hi Stephano, nice to meet you. Can you tell us a bit more ab

Aug 11

New: Exact Site transfer for syncing multiple locations !

When you run a business that has multiple locations, it is very important that all your sites are in sync. For example, imagine you have several stores as well as warehouses in town and you want all o

Apr 24

TIPS&TRICKS: PAYSLIP BY EMAIL (since Salaries 8.9)

    what if the distribution of payslips to your staff could be done faster, cheaper and more secure? For many companies HR departments it is a monthly hassle; processing, printing and sendi


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