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Good software is essential for any business, and we believe that there are too many solutions around that cost too much and deliver too little.

Exact Software wants to provide an alternative that takes your problems away, not create more.

Our Services


We are the developers of the Vision Software product line.


We provide tailored software solutions to fit your business needs.


Our team will consult and work with you to get the best out our software.


Get the most out of Vision software with our customised implementation plan


Meet your business needs through our customised training sessions

Why Choose Us?

+20 Years Experience

Founded in 1997 and has been developing software for businesses ever since.

Extensive Portfolio

We have 1000´s of satisfied customers; Safe to say, we know what we are doing.

In-House Development

We build our own genuine software; we build it, we sell it, we install it.

Full Support In Tanzania

Based in Dar es Salaam. Get full support once you install our software.

Multiple Industries

Retail, mining, government, telecoms, schools, media, NGO’s & more.

Competitive Pricing

Our customers are surprised by our low fees, affordable for even small businesses.

Continuous Development

Constantly are improving our software products, adding the latest technologies.

Full Integration

Integration with fiscal printers, biometric equipment and many other devices.

Secure Protection

Your business data is protected; security of your information is our starting point.

Software Development & troubleshooting is in our DNA

  • “JD Pharmacy has more than 18,000 items on sale and all the branches together process more than 1000 transactions per day. VISION is able to flexibly accomodate our needs"
    Sanjay C. Patadia, JD Pharmacy Ltd.

  • “Previously when the folks in South Africa wanted to know things about the status of the Tanzanian staff we had to create and send reports manually. Now they have direct access to our records, saving time and less errors.”
    Frank Bomani, Vodacom

  • “We have so much more control about our inventory. It gives us real time info about what we have in stock. Since an item can have multiple article codes it is easy to get confused but with VISION you can search with any code you wish.”
    Henrik Nielsen, Merry Water

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Exact Software Ltd
Jangwani Beach Road

P.O. Box 2981

Dar es Salaam
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