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We are no-nonsense software company based in the sprawling city of Dar es Salaam overlooking the blue Indian Ocean. Established in 1997, Exact has grown into a dependable partner for supplying business solutions all over East Africa and beyond.

The company has been founded in 1997 by Hans van Hoppe, a Dutch national who arrived in Tanzania in the early nineties for a short term assignment and has never left since. An expert in Microsoft technologies, Hans loves creating innovative tools for affordable prices. In fact the passion to make software that boosts your business, whether it is a small retail shop in Kariakoo or a leading Telecom corporation operating on nationwide level, is still in our company DNA.

Good software is essential for any business, and we believe that there are too many solutions around that cost too much and deliver too little. Exact wants to provide an alternative that takes your problems away, not create more.
After developing the long term strategy and having the blueprint ready for the semi-ERP system ‘VISION®’, the development started with a team of 5 dedicated developers releasing the first versions of the Sales and Inventory management software.

Exact slowly expanded into the other areas of the ERP and added Accounting and Payroll. Our organisation grew and we attracted more people, not just from Tanzania but from other continents such as Europe, Asia and Africa.

Diversity is our strength. Our experience and different backgrounds make us understand your business -and your challenges- better than our competitors. We started in Masaki but are proud of our new office in Mbezi Beach since 2011.

Exact is an open and transparent company and we invite you to visit our facilities. Karibu sana!

Software Development & troubleshooting is in our DNA


Management team

Our Management Team is a perfect blend of experience and youthful enthusiasm. Local bongo and European standards, flexibility and commitment. Our people are from Africa, Europe and India and we draw strength from diversity. We value autonomy and personal responsibility in our work and always strive to make your encounter with any of our employees a pleasurable experience.


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