At Exact we love to make software that helps businesses grow in East Africa and beyond. Moreover we have been doing it for quite some time now and got pretty good it. Want more reasons why you should choose for us? Here are a few:


Since1997smallMore than 15 years experience; Exact Software Solutions has been founded in 1997 and has been developing software for businesses ever since. Do you think you have a unique problem? Don’t worry, we have seen it before.


300300 customers, over 400 installations;  Safe to say, we know what we are doing.



Tools-iconWe build our own software; we build it, we sell it, we install it. Ever got frustrated because you are dealing with a party who sells someone else’s software and has no clue once problems arise? All the software Exact sells has been developed in-house so we know our stuff inside out. Oh, and in case you have a unique requirement like a special report, it is very simple for us to make adjustments for you.


REC-sectorsOperating in more than 15 sectors; Exact software is leveraging businesses in over 15 different sectors including retail, mining, government, telecoms, schools, professional services, media, NGO’s and many more. So no need to explain your business processes, fair chance we already know them.


tanzaniaBased in Dar es Salaam; once you installed our software we guarantee it will run smoothly. Nevertheless it is always reassuring to know that our support engineers are just a stone throw away in case something happens. Admit it, if there is an issue with your software you don’t want to rely only on a helpdesk in India or Dubai..


currency_sign_dollarCompetitive and transparent pricing; Many of our customers are surprised by our low fees, affordable for even small business owners. The price of our individual software modules start at 300 USD giving you access to a whole range of advanced features. A worthwhile investment for giving you back control over your business.


chart_barContinuous product development; we constantly are improving our software products, adding the latest technology and business practices to Exact modules. If you opted in for an annual support contract you will get free updates several times per year.


cash-register-iconFull integration with fiscal printers, biometric equipment and many other devices; Exact software integrates smoothly with most of the fiscal devices available on the market as well as other peripherals such as biometric equipment, cash drawers, bar code scanners, POL displays, weighing scales etc.


keysYour data is protected; security of your information is our starting point. All our modules operate with a Microsoft SQL database server, one of the most secure and robust servers available. This means that nobody can access or edit the data without your permission. And if you still have a doubt, records are kept for all the mutations done by your staff so it is easy to find back what has happened.