We love to make good software at affordable prices, regardless of the size of your organization. We also like to make it as transparent as possible with no hidden charges. Starting from TSH 675,000 (approx. 300 USD) excl VAT, all our modules have a standard price structure so you know upfront about the cost. We would be happy to provide your with a quotation. Please find below our standard software products.


Available standard software products:

Accounting              Prices on request
Stock Management
POS/Sales Management
Salaries 20 Employees
Salaries 100 Employees
Salaries 250 Employees (+ HR add-on)
Salaries 500 Employees (+ HR & Time Sheets)
Salaries 1500 Employees (+ HR & Time Sheets)
Salaries 2000(+) Employees (+ HR & Time Sheets)
Membership/Loyalty management (Cloud based)
Asset Manager (add-on for Accounts)
Cloud synchronization for MULTI site management
Bill of Material (add-on for Stock Management)
Human Resource (add-on for Salaries)
Time Sheets (add-on for Salaries)


License Keys

The license key for our software activates the software on your machine. You need at least a license key for 1 user (CAL 1) and possibly more if you want multiple users to work on the software simultaneously. Without the license key it is not possible to operate the system. Special features could be installed on the key for custom developed components.


CAL1 License Key (1 user)
CAL3 License Key (up to 3 users)
CAL5 License Key (up to 5 users)
CAL10 License Key (up to 10 users)
CAL20 License Key (up to 20 users)
CAL50 License Key (up to 50 users)


Annual Service Agreement

For support and updates we charge an annual service fee that is 10% of the value of your Vision Software Suite (with a minimum of TSH 450,000 excl. VAT (approx 200 USD)) per site . We highly recommend you to join the service agreement since it will give you free support by our help-desk (both technical and functional) as well as several software updates per year. Please note that for the first year of use, the service agreement is mandatory.


Multiple sites

If your organisation has more than one site to install the software (for example you have different shops and warehouses), we offer attractive discounts. Please inquire about the possibilities.



* Conditions apply