Our 6 most powerful features in Article Management

If you are using Exact POS and Inventory Management modules you know already that our products combine great functionality together with solid robustness. In a previous article we wrote about the security of our software, here we want to explain more about the valuable features of our software to manage your articles. They provide you flexibility, better insights and help you be more focused on your customer, leading to more revenue. We list the 6 best ones:


Create article groups to organize your products
You may have hundreds, even thousands of different products on your shelves. Although you may have a sense of products that are selling good and products that are doing not so well, grouping them together may provide insights that otherwise would not have shown up. You can group products any way you want, based on product category (electronics, beverages, furniture etc.), characteristics (small, perishable, high margin) or any other way you want. You can even have multiple dimensions which can overlap (or not) for example packaged versus fresh goods, as well as food versus beverages. In the report section you can see easily the performance of groups of items instead of a single item.


Linking items to better serve your customers
Using our software it is very easy to define relationships between two (or more) items to enhance your customer focus and thus create more sales. For example a customer who buys football shoes might also need football socks. Tanzania satellite map Tanzania distance calculator When you make this link, it will automatically pop up as a suggestion. Also you can create alternatives when items are out of stock, so that the customer will not leave empty handed. It helps your staff to combine items that are naturally sold as a set but you stock separately, such as a computer, a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard. In short, linking items saves you time, increases customer satisfaction and boosts your sales.


Define pack variances to better control your stock
Many times the same item is sold in different pack quantities. Take for example a bottle of coke versus a six pack of bottles or a box of tablets versus a single tablet. Defining only 1 item for different quantities is burdensome for your staff because they need to calculate every time the how many tablets there are in one box. But having separate items for different quantities may cause confusion when you want to see how much items you have in stock. Exact Software solves this by introducing pack variances of the same item. Although they have separate item codes, they are considered the same item when looking up the inventory. This is speeds up the sales process but does not create ambiguity later on.


Manage your discounts and promotions
Sometimes you want to offer a discount to boost your sales or draw in a customer but only at the right time, at the right place and most of all with the right customer. Just doling out discounts may increase your sales but is not very good for your margin. Also since different products have different margins, it needs to be clear how much discount you can give. For one product a 10% discount is insulting to a customer, for another product you may be selling it at a loss. Therefore Exact introduces the option to manage your discounts. You can create different discount groups and assign them to different products. Additionally you can assign discounts groups to specific customers, for example when you want to reward your most loyal customers. Finally you can schedule promotions where you set a date range where you want the product to be sold a special (discount) price, for example during holidays or weekends.


Article parameters for better insights in your products
All your products have an article code, a price and a description. But did you know that with Exact software you can create many more parameters to track, manage and sell your products. For example you can tag a registration number on articles to track individual sales (very useful if you sell cars, computers, premium watches or any other high value products)or you can add expiry dates for perishable products like food or pharmaceuticals. As a supervisor you can decide per article whether these parameters are mandatory or optional to enter for your staff. Finally you can define your own parameters that are useful in your sales organisation. Once you defined the parameters it is very easy to find back articles or filter sections.


Feature: Easy ordering of products
You buy your products to sell them. When your items run out of stock you order more. Sounds simple but in reality you have to consider a few factors such as ordering and delivery time and maximum desired stock levels. Although you can choose to do everything manual, Exact Software has a few build in features to facilitate stock ordering. There is also an option to automate everything where you define minimum and maximum stock levels, delivery time and other things so every time your stock level reaches a certain point, an order is created to complement to the desired level. Do you have no idea what your minimum and maximum desired stock is? No problem, Exact software can analyze your stock ordering history and give suggestions for you.



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