This March the latest version of Vision was released by Exact Software. Version 7.76A9 got lots of fantastic new features that can help you boost your business. Read all about it in this news letter. One of the features that we are most excited about is the site transfer feature in our Exact Sales and Stock Module which allows managers and owners of multiple sites to update article definitions very quickly. Prices change, goods expire, stuff moves from one place to another and you need everything to be up to date. At all your sites. To do all these changes manually takes too much time because before everything is processed, another revision is already needed. Besides you have a business to run anyways. So Exact makes it very easy to update all your data. Update your system now to the latest version.


Another brand new feature that you need to know is our latest Bill of Material/ Manufacturing Module. This is essential if your company makes produces or assembles things. With build in formulas it takes items from your stock and adds other, transforming the raw materials into finished goods, just as in your manufacturing process.  Or semi-finished products if your production process takes multiple steps. The module can also calculate the availability of raw materials if you want to sell something (can you produce what you sell?) or even compare your finished products with your raw materials at the end of the day to see if everything is going smooth at your production process . Please contact us for a free demo at your site, you will be amazed what it can do. For more information about this feature and others, please click here.

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