Is your company providing loans for employees? And do you find it difficult sometimes keep track of all the loans? Exact Software Salaries Module can help you bringing you in control of what is happening and with minimal effort. Every time a loan is provided to a member of your staff, you enter the details of the loan including the  principal amount, interest, and the number of instalments.  From now on, every time salary is paid to the employee, the instalment will be deducted from the monthly salary. automatically, so you don’t need to be bothered and it stops when the loan is repaid. Our system offers the flexibility for any adjustments, just in case someone needs a bit more time to repay. Or wants to repay quicker than initial agreed. If you don’t have a proper loan agreement, our system has a very useful template that can be linked to particular staff member. Finally our standardized reports offer an overview of outstanding loans both on the individual level as on the organisation as a whole. Finally you are back in charge. For more information about this feature and others, please contact us for more information.

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