Our latest release is coming soon!


Very soon, version 8 of our new Vision software will be released. We are very excited about it because it is a major leap forward compared to the current version (7.76). Not only is the new release faster, it also implements the newest technology in the market making it compact, carrying with it tons of new features as well. Here, we would like to give you a sneak peek into what you can expect and list the most important improvements of version 8. Oh and by the way, when you signed up for the Annual Service Agreement program, you are entitled for an upgrade with no additional charges. Keep following us for the latest information on version 8!


Integration with Loyalty Cards

Most probably you want to keep track of your regular customers and reward them for their loyalty. The easiest way to do is with a loyalty card which they can swipe before making a purchase. In the new version it is very easy to integrate the hardware with our software and we have various build-in settings to manage your loyalty program. Your customer will be impressed!


Cash Drawer Management

Another huge improvement of version 8 is the possibility to have real time information about the contents of your cash drawers present in your shop. From now on it is extremely easy to see which cash drawers needs to be supplied with cash or perhaps withdrawn. This feature saves you a lot of time walking around your cash points.


Enhanced Touch Screen interface

Of course our current version supported touch screen already but in the new release the interface is considerably more geared towards touch screen. This means easier and faster access to all your items and articles. Your customers will be handled faster than ever.


More than 20 new reports

The report section got a complete overhaul with a better interface and more intuitive controls for the user. Moreover, in addition to the existing reports we added more than 20 brand-new reports to give you more insights into your daily operations.


Improved interface

In general, the interface of the new release has been improved considerably with easier to use buttons and more intuitive controls (such as search and filter). Also from now on it is possible to have multiple screens open at the same time, making it easier for the user to switch to other functions within the module.


Multi EFD compatibility

This one we are particularly proud of: from now on it is possible to connect multiple fiscal printer models to your network. Many customers were surprised to hear that they needed to replace all of their EFD printers when one of them broke down and the model was no available in the market. This was because (like most of our competitors) our software worked only with one model at the same time. Not any more, in version 8 it is possible to connect and operate different models at the same time.

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