New: Exact Site transfer for syncing multiple locations !

stock movementWhen you run a business that has multiple locations, it is very important that all your sites are in sync. For example, imagine you have several stores as well as warehouses in town and you want all of them to be up to date with the latest stock information.


If you don’t have your Exact software installed in the cloud, there is a another excellent option now: Exact Site Transfer. It is installed as an add-on to your Stock Management module and manages the communication of stock mutations between your site in a very easy way. Every time stock items move from one site to the other, you can quickly update all your locations from one central point. You can do it whenever you want, using an internet connection. The Site Transfer add-on can also transmit changes in article definitions from your main location. Many of our customers use it to update prices quickly throughout their organisation but other parameters can be changed as well such as description, warranty, item code and many more.


Interested in the Site Transfer add-on? Contact us for more information about its features or ask for a free demonstration at your site.




What data does Site Transfer synchronize?
Stock quantities, item definitions and product structure (Bill of Material required)


What do I need to install the Site Transfer add-on?
You need to have our Stock Management module installed on all the sites for which you want to use Site Transfer.


Can I install the Site Transfer without this?

No this is not possible.


How many sites are allowed?

Unlimited number of sites. All of your sites need Stock module and internet connection


How much does the Site Transfer add-on cost?

The Site Transfer add-on costs 750 USD (ex. VAT) for any number of sites. Please note that your yearly license fee will be increased with 75 USD (10% of 750 USD) per site that uses the add-on.


Is there any alternative?

It is possible to install your software in the cloud so your sites use the same, centralized, database. Be aware that additional hosting fees will apply and you are dependent on an active internet connection at all times.

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