Introducing Stephano, the latest addition to the Exact Team

Stephano MmariMeet Stephano Mmari (26), our new Support Technician. We asked him a few questions about himself and his experience so far in Exact.


Hi Stephano, nice to meet you. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Well, I was born in Liberia but my father is from Tanzania. Our family moved back to Moshi when I was young. I did my A-Level of secondary school in Dar es Salaam but went to Kenya for my university. I studied Computer Science in Nairobi. After I graduated, I worked for a Kenyan consultancy but eventually moved back to Dar es Salaam.


It seems that you have some good international experience

Yes I do. In fact, during my studies I went to South-Korea for a year which was incredible. Korean culture is very different from the African culture and I had to adapt a lot. Hardly anybody speaks English over there.


How did you communicate with people?

Well, I had to learn Korean, hahaha.


That’s impressive! So you studied Computer Science, what is your is connection with technology?

I love it. In Nairobi I was frequently found at the iHub and M:Lab facilities which are incubators for technology start-ups. Also I did some assignments by myself such as an online newspaper project in South Sudan.


How did you end up with Exact?

Back in Dar es Salaam I saw an advertisement on ZoomTanzania that Exact was looking for people. Since I wanted to work for an established IT company I decided to apply and got hired as a support engineer.


Did you know about Exact before?

I did not, to be honest. But I checked the website and it looked very professional. Exact has been around for a while and their customer base speaks for itself, so I was motivated to give it a try.


What is your experience so far by Exact?

Very positive. I like the product line, it is clear that it has been build and improved over the years making it a very stable technology. Also it is rather unique the way Exact has customized their products to the local market. For me it is a great place to start and the exposure I get is extremely valuable. It is a growing company so there is a lot of potential but at the same time they have been around for quite a while so it is evidence that Exact is good at what it’s doing. I learn a lot!

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