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Can VISION be installed in my organisation?

VISION will be installed on any computer either standalone or in a Local Area Network (LAN). For larger organisation we recommend installation on a LAN with a Microsoft server in combination with one or more workstations. The requirements are found in the terms & conditions found on this page. Please be aware that the customer is responsible for having a proper infrastructure for the software to be installed.



I have/need only 1 license key, do I need a separate server?

It is possible to install the database on a workstation (desktop/laptop) so you don’t need to configure a separate server. However for safety and stability purposes we always advice our customers to install the database on a server. If you choose to install it on a workstation, check the requirements on this page.



I want to purchase Exact software but I don’t have the required hardware/software. Can Exact help me?

Exact does not sell hardware but can help you to connect with our trusted partners so you are sure that everything works smoothly. Contact us for more information.



I want to install Exact software in the cloud is this possible?

It is possible to install Exact software on a dedicated or hosted server (“in the cloud”) if you don’t have your own server. Installing our software in the cloud has both benefits (such as being less hassle and costs for managing your own hardware) as well as drawback (loss of control and dependence on an active internet connection). Please inform you well before you make a decision. At Exact we can tell you everything about the pros and cons of a cloud solution.



I have a wireless network (LAN), is this a problem?

This shouldn’t be a problem for running the software but be aware that a wireless connection is generally less stable than wired connection. Since many features in Exact require an active server connection you will be dependent on the stability of your wireless connection.



Which peripheral devices work with Exact software?

Our software is configured for many peripheral devices including printer (fiscal and non-fiscal), cash drawers, barcode scanners, weighing scales, POL displays, biometric scanner and many more. Please inquire at Exact for the devices that work with our software. Always check your hardware before we start installation.



Apparently I have a device that is not on your list, is this a problem?

Although Exact software works with many devices available, it is possible that your particular hardware is not on the list. This should not be a problem however as we developed our software ourselves so we can easily configure it to accommodate your hardware. But it is very important to check if your hardware is compliant before installation to avoid unnecessary delays. Kindly be aware that specific requests such as hardware integration may incur extra charges. Please inform about the possibilities.



I use software from other vendors that I want to integrate with Exact software, is this possible?

In general this should not be a problem as we developed our software ourselves and we can easily configure it according to your requirements. Kindly be aware that specific requests such as these may incur extra charges. Please inform about the possibilities.



Does the software also run on a Mac?

Yes it is possible to run our software on Mac OS. For this we need to install a Windows shell on your system.



Who has developed Exact software?

All the software that Exact sells is developed by Exact itself, in Tanzania. This means that you will get the best support for your software and we are not restricted by third party licenses. Moreover if you have a specific requirement (for example a custom made report), most likely we will able to accommodate this.



How do I know whether it will accommodate my requirements?

Exact has been developing business software for our customers since 1997. We have been continuously improving and expanding the features of our software ever since. We know the processes and challenges of our customers very well and have tailored our solutions according to their needs. Please have a look at our website for more information of the features or contact us for a live demonstration at your site. Our qualified support engineers are able to answer any question you have.



How many users does it support?

Exact can support an unlimited number of users (to be defined by the supervisor). For security reasons you need a USB license key (HASP Key) to activate the software on the workstation. The HASP key will be programmed according to the number of users. Exact provides the license key along with the software. For information about the charges visit our pricing page.



What about security of the software?

Security of your information is our starting point. You can create user roles with different access rights for your employees because not all user may have access to every data stored in your system. Additionally, all our modules operate with a Microsoft SQL database server, one of the most secure and robust servers available. This means that nobody can access or edit the data without your permission. And if you still have a doubt, records are kept for all the mutations done by your staff so it is easy to find back what has happened. For more information, read our blog article.



How much does the software cost?

We offer a very transparent pricing and our products can also be afforded by companies with smaller budgets. You pay only for the module you use and it for unlimited life-time use, starting from 300 US Dollar, training and installation included (conditions apply). For support and update service you pay an annual service charge. For more information about prices of our product, visit our pricing page.



I have a specific requirement, can you facilitate it?

Although the features of our software are numerous and will definitely accommodate most of your requirements, perhaps have a particular wish. Since we have developed all our software in-house it usually is easy and cost effective for us to make small modifications to suit your needs. Please inform about the possibilities.



Do I get training on the software?

Yes, included in the price is half a day (4 hours) of training per module by qualified trainers of Exact. The training is held at Exact facilities and allows for a maximum number of 5 people of your organisation. The training will be sufficient to get started with the system and covers all the important features. If you require more training or want a different venue (for example your own office) extra charges may apply.



What support does Exact provide?

Every customer that pays our annual service fee will get product and technical support and is eligible for free product updates. Support includes functional queries by our helpdesk and at Exact facilities. Additional training on Exact products can be given on request (not free). Technical issues will be resolved by our support staff, remotely using Team Viewer. If issues cannot be resolved using Team Viewer, our dedicated support engineers are available for site visit.



What are Exact opening hours?

Our opening hours are from 9:00 -17:00 Monday to Friday. During weekends and holidays, Exact office is normally closed.



After confirmation, we schedule an appointment with you at your convenient time to install the software. In most cases we can plan it within a few days. Installation takes place at Exact office (installation at your site is possible for an additional charge) and shouldn’t take more than half a day. After installation we will schedule an additional day for training. During training you will be explained how to set up the system and configure it, upload your data, making transactions, creating reports and much more.



Can I use the system immediately after installation?

Yes you can but be aware that you need to upload your data and configure your setting for optimal use. In general we recommend our customers to take a few days for this as well as to get used to the system before ‘going live’. Of course we will guide you through this whole process and will assist you with the implementation. We have done this hundreds of times for many different organisations so there is no need to worry.



Who is responsible for uploading my data (articles, customers, suppliers etc.) in the system?

The customer is responsible for the upload of all data in Exact software. But don’t worry we will guide you through the process and make absolutely sure everything is clear. It’s not very difficult and you need to be able to do it yourself anyway in the future.