Multiple currencies supported by Exact Software


If you work with more than one currency in your organisation, your software should support multiple currencies. In Exact you can define as many currencies as you want and set the internal exchange rate for accounting purposes. You can even set external exchange rates for customers, very useful when you prefer to be paid for example in Tanzanian Schillings but also want to give customers the option to pay in US Dollars. In this case you can set your exchange rate slightly higher so your customers pay a ‘foreign currency penalty’ if they chose to pay in dollars.


At the same time your financial administration will uphold the real (internal) exchange rate so no distorted results. You can even chose to print the (external) exchange rate on the invoice to inform your customers. Or hide it if you chose not to inform your customers. Whatever your style, Exact software supports it and will do the calculations. So you can focus on running your business.

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