Oct 20

7 Useful Features to Manage your Sales with Exact software

  Good that you have staff for your sales. But obviously you need to give them good instructions to unleash their potential. We all know that is not always easy, since you have many items and it can take some time before your … Continued

Aug 28

Tanzania ranks high in tax burden in East Africa

According to a comparative global study by PWC, Tanzania is not an easy place to do business as far as tax environment is concerned. It ranks 141 in the world (out of 189) for the ease of making payments to tax … Continued

Aug 26

Multiple currencies supported by Exact Software

If you work with more than one currency in your organisation, your software should support multiple currencies. In Exact you can define as many currencies as you want and set the internal exchange rate for accounting purposes. You can even … Continued

Aug 13

Our 6 most powerful features in Article Management

If you are using Exact POS and Inventory Management modules you know already that our products combine great functionality together with solid robustness. In a previous article we wrote about the security of our software, here we want to explain more … Continued

Jul 22

5 reasons why your data is secure when using Exact software

  At Exact Software, security is our starting point. Given the amount of sensitive information that flows through our system this is a given. We have several ways to protect your data for loss, theft or illegal access. Rather than … Continued

Jul 14

Workers Compensation Fund in Vision Salaries

After some delay, the government of Tanzania has finalized the policy on Workers Compensation Fund, established under section 5 of Workers Compensation Act No. 20 of 2008. This was disclosed by Minister for Labour and Employment , Gaudensia Kabaka while … Continued

Jul 11

Add new tables for income tax 2014-2015 with Exact Software

The Tanzanian National Budget for 2014/2015 was released in June, and included changes in the PAYE tax tables (see picture).   Although the tax bands have not been changed, the lowest tax band has been reduced by a single percent, … Continued

May 5

Six things to keep in mind when purchasing accounting software in Tanzania

So you are running a successful business in Tanzania. You found a nice shop or office in a good location, servicing your customers every day and found good people to run your company. But there is always that nagging feeling … Continued

Apr 5


This March the latest version of Vision was released by Exact Software. Version 7.76A9 got lots of fantastic new features that can help you boost your business. Read all about it in this news letter. One of the features that … Continued