7 Useful Features to Manage your Sales with Exact software


Manage Your Sales

Good that you have staff for your sales. But obviously you need to give them good instructions to unleash their potential. We all know that is not always easy, since you have many items and it can take some time before your employee know all the ropes. To help you with this, Exact has build some useful features to manage your staff more effective.


Multi user feature
Although our software has a lot of features probably your sales staff need not to see all of them. Exact supports multi-user functionality which lets you (as a supervisor) create roles for your staff and define their rights. For example you may want to restrict some staff from altering the standard prices, while others are able to do this. With Exact it is quite easy to set up the roles in your organisation so give flexibility only to those people you want.


View individual performance of your employees
Every time one of your employees makes a sale it will be tagged with his/her profile. This not only facilitates tracking employee performance but you can also link it with percentages in case you work with a sales commission system. In our report section you can view people’s performance any time you want whether it is the current day, the previous quarter or last year.


Increase speed of sales with defaults
Although there are many settings in the POS (Point of Sale) screen, in reality most will often have the same value. To decrease the burden for data entry we introduce the defaults section where the supervisor can set defaults for common parameters such as currency, delivery time or tax category. Now your sales staff can focus on the sale rather than to set the correct value each time. Of course it is always possible to override the default when necessary.


More speed with user friendly menus
Time is money. We are aware that you have many staff who may not be that well versed with technology and computer screens. And you don’t want to slow down because someone is figuring out how to process a sale. At Exact we spend a lot of time to make POS screen easier and faster to use. Also you can configure the interface so it fits your business. Tanzania distance calculator We have customers who process hundreds of transactions each day with thousands of different items like supermarkets and pharmacies and they don’t want to lose a second!


Flexible price setting
One product, one price right? Well not always since there are different types of customers (for example wholesale and retail) but also different periods (happy hour) and circumstances where you may want to give a different price. With Exact software you can easily define different prices beforehand so there is no confusion and customers always get the right price.


Variance setting for different quantities
Many times the same item is sold in different pack quantities. Take for example a bottle of coke versus a six pack of bottles or a box of tablets versus a single tablet. Defining only 1 item for different quantities is burdensome for your staff because they need to calculate every time the how many tablets there are in one box. But having separate items for different quantities may cause confusion when you want to see how much items you have in stock. Exact Software solves this by introducing pack variances of the same item. Although they have separate item codes, they are considered the same item when looking up the inventory. This is speeds up the sales process but does not create ambiguity later on.


Full control over your sales
In addition to all the build in settings, you can set your own parameters to exercise full control over your sales. Suppose you want to know how customers found out about your store. You can define a parameter “reference” and make it either mandatory or optional every time your staff processes a sale. This will give you great insights in where your customers are coming from.


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