5 reasons why your data is secure when using Exact software


software securityAt Exact Software, security is our starting point. Given the amount of sensitive information that flows through our system this is a given. We have several ways to protect your data for loss, theft or illegal access. Rather than worry about your data, you can concentrate on other things.


Your data is protected in 5 different ways:


All data rests only in one place

First off, our software is based on a client-server hierarchy which means that although the interface is accessible through a workstation, all data is stored in a database on your server. If your workstation crashes or your laptop gets stolen you won’t lose any data. The backup feature of our software let you easily make back-ups of your database as frequent as you want, so you are sure you will never lose anything.


Rock solid technology

Our database is based on Microsoft Technology, one of the most secure platforms that exists. Any information stored in the database is inaccessible unless you have the rights to read or modify them. Access to data goes through the interface of our software for which you have to log in first.  It is virtually impossible to ‘open’  the database through a backdoor and read, modify or delete data stored.


Multi-user access

All data access happens through Exact Software interface. To access the interface you need a unique login and password which are created by the admin so only people you want have access to the system. When creating users, you also decide to which parts your staff has access to. You may not want everyone to be able to make transactions or to see specific reports. You can create an unlimited amount of users and are 100% free to decide what they can see/do and what not.


Audit trails of everything that happened

Even when people have access to data, the system tracks users activity. So although it is possible to make corrections to transactions, Exact Software keeps a record of the mutation. This way you can always trace back what happened if you suspect something.



In most cases we install our software on a Local Area Network (LAN) in your company. This means it is only possible for people who have access to your facilities to log in. In some cases you may want to install the database on a internet server  (“in the cloud”), for example when you actually want people from outside to have access. Please let us inform you about the possibilities.

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