TIPS&TRICKS: PAYSLIP BY EMAIL (since Salaries 8.9)




what if the distribution of payslips to your staff could be done faster, cheaper and more secure? For many companies HR departments it is a monthly hassle; processing, printing and sending the salary payslips to every employee. Exact Software Solutions offers a better alternative. Our popular Salary Module now includes the option to email the payslip to your staff. With just a few mouse clicks every member of your workforce receives his/her salary statement by email. Immediately or on the moment that you want. You save time and money. And there is always a record that you actually send it and it was received so no more mail getting lost. You worry about security? Don’t, every document will be password protected so only the person for who the mail was intended can open it. For more information about this feature and others, please contact us for more information.

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